Animal Attunement

Are you ready to take healing beyond just the physical? Knowing that well-being includes spiritual and emotional health? To uncover the “whys” instead of just being told the “what’s”? If you’re looking for a deeper relation to the animals in your life…

It is my pleasure to welcome you to my Animal Attunement site. My name is Danielle Gutelius. I have been a dog owner, breeder and handler for the past 20 years and have a deep affection for, and connection to, all creatures in the animal kingdom.

In working with my own animals through the years, I have come to discover this simple truth: Whenever I heal something in my own life or body, it has a healing effect on those around me—humans and animals alike. Conversely, when something is “off” in my life or my body, it tends to have a negative effect on the humans and animals in my life.

Why does this happen? And does it work the other way around? In other words, if one of my dogs begins manifesting a physical illness or an unsettling behavior, is it trying to show me something about my own life as well as its own? In an attempt to find answers to these questions, I began working with the thing we all have in common: energy.

First I started working on myself. I approached my own healing in what I considered a holistic manner: integrating body, mind, and spirit. As I studied ways to balance and support my body, I experimented with methods to raise the frequency of my vibration. I studied both alternative and natural methods to accomplish this. I regularly incorporate the use of flower essences for emotional support, integrate pure, therapeutic grade essential oils for physical support, and meditation for clearing the mind to make way for spiritual insights. Nutrition was also part of my focus, as I began to understand the types of food that affected me in either a positive or negative way.

Finding the right tools to create positive change has greatly improved my well-being and personal growth. I soon discovered these modalities promoted increased energy and vitality, and gave me a more consistently positive outlook and approach to my everyday life. And the same things were true for my animals.

Next I learned to work with more subtle energies. I received training in a form of energy healing called The ReconnectionTM. When I discovered how using Reconnective healing could raise the frequency of my own vibrational field and help me release disease in a gentle yet highly effective way, I decided to try it on my animals. It worked beautifully, as described on my Reconnective Healing page. I was on to something! The same approach­es and modalities I used to balance and heal myself worked equally as effective­ly on my animals.

While learning about healing through affecting vibration, I realized I had to acknowledge my abilities of communicating with animals. Having spent most of my life utilizing innate, intuitive insights in dealing with animals, which I had assumed everyone was capable of, it was pointed out to me that such was not the case. I began to investigate the concept of Animal Communication, developed a method for tuning in to animals to engage in communication, and found, through owner-feedback, that the insights and information I received from their animals was accurate and incredibly helpful. My intuitive guidance allows me to understand the best approach to use when assisting an animal.

Having used the combination of energy healing and animal communication with my own animals for nearly 12 years and seeing remarkable changes in all of us, I decided to move more deeply into my soul’s work and offer my abilities to others. Throughout this Web Site, I describe my Healing Services and my reasons for using them. I also have added some client Testimonials, which describe the kinds of results we achieved.

Once you’ve perused this site, I invite you to contact me with questions about your animal’s specific needs. Then together, we three—your animal, you, and I—can craft the best plan for creating wellness and balance for all.

Wellness is the natural state of all living beings—a state of perfect balance and attunement where each aspect of the being (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) functions as part of a harmonious whole. Yet sometimes, hu­mans and animals alike can temporarily lose this balance, fall out of harmony and experience physical and emotional dis-ease. Vibrational (or energy) healing is suitable for any animal and any condition, but it is not intended as a substitute for veterinary care. Addressing basic needs and seeking proper veterinary care are important for physical health. My goal is to attune the emotional and spiritual vibration to the inherent frequency of well-being.

Danielle offers the following healing services:

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