Communication Sessions are done remotely, meaning it is not necessary for the animal to be in my presence. Conducting sessions remotely is preferable, as the animal remains in its routine environment, free from the excitement of being in a new location or meeting new people. Sessions should be planned at a time when your animal will be in a calm, relaxed state – not distracted by eating or exercising. Greater clarity and understanding is achieved without the distraction of being on the phone, therefore, I do not do communications over the phone.

Animal Communication Session:    $76
Consists of a communication session with the animal and a follow-up conversation to discuss the insights and feelings attained during the communication, then animal’s behaviour or reactions during the session, and to determine what will best support its continued well-being.  If desired, a typed summary of the session will be sent.

Reconnective Energy Healing Sessions are most often conducted remotely.  My role is the to be the focusing channel for directing source energy to its target.  This energy flows through the recipient of its own volition and performs precisely what is needed, regardless of whether your animal is in a state of relaxation or activity.

Reconnective Healing Session- Animal:    $66
Energy healing session focused on your animal’s complete health and well-being. Afterward, a brief conversation to discuss what transpired during the session.

Reconnective Healing Session – Person:    $66
Thirty minute energy healing sessions focused entirely on you.  Location of sessions will be arranged on an individual basis.

Communication or Healing sessions designed specifically for show/competition animals:     $30
These are 10-15 minute communication or energy healing sessions designed specifically to assist animals competing in the field, show ring, arena or on the track.  It is not uncommon for animals to be nervous or distracted in the excited atmosphere of a competitive event. Communicating and visualizing with an animal just before an event can help focus its behaviour and call up its best qualities.  Energy healing can put the animal in a state of flow where source energy provides the stamina, glow, and power to allow for peak performance.  Due to sessions needing to occur shortly before the animal is scheduled to compete, appointments for sessions must be arranged as soon as the show schedule is known.

Note: For either healing or communication sessions, I need only your animal’s name, a brief physical description, its address or general location, and a brief outline of your goals, concerns or questions regarding the animal. All healing and communication sessions are arranged so that you may observe the animal as the session is taking place.

To schedule a session:
You may reach me by phone (815.774.0041) or email. All major credit cards and Pay Pal accepted.

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