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Q: How do you communicate directly with an animal? 
A: I have always felt connected to animals, so it seems quite natural and easy for me to communicate with them. It is something I have always done; at first, I did not even think of it as a special gift. Initially, it came from simply paying close attention to animals and tuning in to their needs and wishes. But as I became more practiced, I could tune in remotely. I make a connection to their conscious mind, subconscious mind, or their higher self that is beyond the physical body. The aspect of the animal that is best able to provide answers is the part that steps forward to greet my inquiries.

Q: How do you know the animal is sending you a message? What form does it take?
A: I know when I am receiving a message from an animal because it feels different and it is clearly not my own mind at work. For instance, words or phrases come through that I would never say. There may be just a few words or an entire conversation that goes back and forth. At other times, I receive visual information or feelings/emotions that coincide with a ‘knowing’ of from where those emotions stem from.

Q: How do you send a message back to them? 
A: It is a matter of focus and intention. In my mind, I speak directly to them. For instance, I worked with a dog that did not like to go in to the show ring and would misbehave. Right before he went in the ring, I focused on this animal and had a mental conversation with him. I told him that when he goes in the ring nothing else exists. I encouraged him to be a professional and take this chance to shine. Then, I reassured him that after the show he could play. The owner told me that while I was connecting to him long-distance, the dog would either drop his head or lay down as if listening. When he went in the ring he would be focused and disciplined.

Q: How do I know when my animal needs a communication or healing session if there is no obvious physical problem?
A: Most people are far more intuitive about their animals than they realize. I will give you an example of a dog I worked with who was not performing well in shows. Outside the ring, this was a dog that did everything its owner asked, but as soon as he got in the ring, he became a different animal. His owner asked me to communicate directly with him to find out what was going on. The dog told me that he did not like showing. He did not like people staring at him or judging him. When I shared this with the owner, she acknowledged that she had suspected this. It was a simple case of tuning in to the animal’s emotional state and really listening.

Q: How is it possible to heal remotely?
A: Since we are all essentially the same, made of the same material, and are all fields of energy vibrating at different frequencies, it is simply a matter of tuning into the precise energetic body. My analogy for this is that every life-form is its own radio station existing in the atmosphere of the collective consciousness referred to as Universe, Source Energy or God. And like a radio, I merely tune the dial to the specific being’s ‘radio’ frequency. An individual’s radio station is defined with their name, location and physical description.


“I was dreading the thought of having to subject my puppy to a surgery.  Thanks to you, she recovered without the need for surgery.” 
S.M., New Lenox, IL

“I consulted with Danielle a few times while my cat, Jane, was very ill. Each time Danielle communicated with Jane, she did so with such compassion. Her love for animals is obvious, and her treatment of Jane was noble and respectful. Danielle delivered Jane’s messages both thoughtfully and clearly. With her assistance, we were able to provide the best care for Jane in the last months of her life.” Julie, May 21, 2011

“…the energy I felt from your hands was amazing!  I wouldn’t have felt the hot, cold, breezy & tingly feelings if there weren’t something really happening…”  
D.B., Palos Hills, IL

“…was so focused on her health issue, I failed to see the bigger picture.  Now, I understand why my dog and I had to go through this ordeal.  I feel so much more at ease, now that you’ve provided meaning and purpose….and I’m just so happy my dog is OK”  
C.R., Bloomington, IL

“your insight on how my young dog fits into my life is priceless.  You called him my “shadow-self”…makes perfect sense!  We’re two peas in a pod:  carrying the same emotional baggage!  Too funny!”  
G.D. Ladysmith, WI



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