Alternative Healing Services


Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing is a form of energy work that introduces a high frequency vibration that impacts the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of the receiver. By connecting with and imparting reconnective energy, the frequency of your animal’s energy fields will attune to the high frequency vibration of well-being, and where the low frequency of disease is released or unable to exist.

Reconnective Healing works at the appropriate speed and in conjunction with the divine plan of the animal and its caretaker. The universal source of well-being from which this energy flows provides precisely what is needed to bring about healing that is appropriate for your animal.

Reconnective Energy Healing can help to:

  • promote an overall state of balance and well-being
  • improve physical health
  • minimize or eliminate behavioral issues
  • provide emotional healing
  • relieve the effects of stress
  • improve performance
  • hasten recovery following trauma
  • ease transition to the afterlife

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Example of a Reconnective Healing success: – The power of Reconnective Healing was revealed with a 16-week-old puppy. In four days, she had gone from being a vigorous puppy to one that was unable to jump or stand on her hind legs without falling, move faster than a walk, or sit in a normal position. She was diagnosed with osteochronditis dissecans (OCD), a condition where a section of joint cartilage detaches from the bone. An X-ray showed severe lesions on both knees that would require surgery. During the days before her surgery appointment, I used Reconnective Healing every other day for one week. She showed improvement following the second session. The day after the fourth session she was running and playing again. After another three days, she was sitting normally with bent knees, and jumping endlessly without distress. Her surgery was cancelled. Later X-rays showed healthy joints. **Vibrational Energy Healing is not intended to be a replacement for professional veterinary care.



Essential Oils

Essential oils are made from concentrated, complex substances extracted from various plants, flowers and trees and then distilled. Each essential oil has a measurable frequency which, when inhaled, swallowed or applied to the skin, is absored into the cells of the body thereby attuning the cells to the oil’s higher rate of vibration beyond the range or reach of stress or disease, often with immediate results.

There is an essential oil that resonates with virtually every area of the body, as well as with any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issue. This makes them an ideal tool for working with multi-layered, complex issues. An essential oil can be thought of as a vehicle that carries healing intentions and vibration exactly where needed.

When using essential oils on your animal, you are a participant in the healing process and receive the benefits of the oils as well. By applying them in a safe manner appropriate for your animal, the potential for faster and more complete healing increases.

Essential oils are very often my first choice of care. Whether applied topically, added to food to be ingested, or by utilizing aromatherapy (inhalation), essential oils are a natural way of treating animals and humans. Ailments that can be successfully treated with essential oils include:[ezcol_1half]

  • Allergies
  • Communicable Illnesses
  • Anxiety
  • Cracked Pads
  • Burns
  • Cuts & Scrapes
  • Grief
  • Hyperactivity
  • Incisions

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  • Internal & External Parasites
  • Insect bites
  • Itchy or Infected skin; Hot Spots
  • Mange
  • Joint & Muscle Pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Teeth Cleaning; Bad Breath
  • Weak Immune System
    …. the list goes on


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Examples of success using Essential Oils:
– I suggested using a particular essential oil for a cat that had excessive nasal discharge. The animal had revealed, during a communication session, that it was taking on some of the negativity that its owner was bringing home from a high-stress job. The low vibration of the stress was materializing in the form of nasal mucus–the cat and its person were struggling to breathe easily with all that stress polluting their air! To clear the cat’s energy field and protect it against the inflow of its owner’s stress, I recommended a daily spritz of water mixed with a few drops of White Angelica oil. As a result, the nasal discharge was significantly reduced.
– The duration of kennel cough in a puppy was shortened to a few days and the symptoms were significantly reduced by using direct inhalation and diffusing of Eucalyptus essential oil.



Feng Shui

Broadly speaking, Feng Shui is an ancient art originating in China that helps ensure environments support health and well-being by managing how living spaces are located, designed and decorated. Feng Shui acknowledges the living spirit and energy of a place and seeks to create, or allow, balance and harmony. Although any formal practice of Feng-Shui can have complex features, it is possible to take some of the basic principals of harmony and design and use them to good effect.

Feng-Shui rests on the idea that we are vibrationally attuned to our environments. This mutual attunement affects how we feel and behave, and can be equally true for animals as well as humans. Animals are highly sensitive to the energies around them. The same positive and negative energies in your home that affect you will affect your pet as well. Colors, lighting, clutter, the location of your pet’s bed or where it spends most of its time are all important considerations when attempting to determine the causes of any health imbalances as well as possible solutions.

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Example of a healing through Feng Shui:
– In one case, a dog that was being bred would not become pregnant and was diagnosed with pyometra, a potentially life-threatening infection of the uterus for which spaying is the recommended follow-up treatment to prevent recurrence. When the owner’s home was examined from the perspective of Feng Shui, it was obvious that the area of the house corresponding to health and fame consisted of step-down rooms where the flow of energy was stagnating. It seemed that the dog had been carrying and manifesting this stagnation. After a Feng Shui adjustment, the energy was released and allowed to flow freely. The dog, after receiving veterinary care, fully recovered, was bred again and delivered a healthy litter. She has been reproductively healthy ever since. The release of the stagnant energy cleared the path for the creation of new life for the owner and the dog.



Flower Essences

Each flower essence is a high-frequency electrical solution, imprinted with the energetic pattern of a particular flower. Flower essences are taken internally and are used to help balance, strengthen and attune the body’s electrical system to the vibrational frequency of the essence being taken.

I determine which essences to use and the appropriate dosage by communicating with the animal’s higher self as well as through intuition.

I find flower essences to be extremely valuable in dealing with emotional distress: using the essences to correct any emotional imbalances before physical symptoms begin to manifest in the body. Or, when physical symptoms exist, flower essences aide in repairing emotional disturbances in the auric field, promoting the dissipation of the physical symptom and a return to well-being.

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Example of a flower essences healing:
– the use of several flower essences were used to support the recovery of a three-year old dog following emergency surgey. A communication session revealed that unprocessed emotional overload was the underlying cause of the dog’s intestines having folded in upon themselves. The surgery attended to repairing the physical body. The flower essence treatment was used to dismantle the emotional buildups, and bring healing to the emotional body of the dog. By attuning all aspects of the dog’s being into vibrational balance, a full recovery was achieved.



Natural Healing

Often there is too much emphasis on finding the “quick fix” for our animal companions, and we lose sight of what is truly best for their overall wellbeing. There are many safe alternatives to chemical treatment that produce exceptional results for some ailments. If a chemical must be given, be certain of the reason and weigh the expected outcome against the possible risks or side effects.

Sometimes, natural solutions may require a little more time and patience, yet they can be a more respectful and caring method of treating your animal. During a session, I visualize the condition, behavior or ailment and ask to be shown a solution in the form of images or words. These solutions are sometimes well-known basic remedies, such as herbs, or inexpensive remedies easily found at home or at the supermarket.

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The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease. – Thomas Edison
Examples of successful natural healing:
– I have used raw garlic in the daily feeding of a nursing dog to eliminate roundworms in her puppies. Since garlic is offensive to worms, it creates an inhospitable environment within the digestive tract. In this case, the worms were gone within one week.
– In another case, a five-month-old puppy developed Demodectic (localized) mange, a parasitic infection in the hair follicle that causes hair loss, inflammation and itchiness; the prescribed treatment was to add large doses of Ivermectin (a poison that kills parasites) to her meals. I saw this as literally poisoning her. After conducting my own research on mange, which results from a weakness in the immune response to fight off the parasite, I chose a safer solution. I applied a natural lavender mixture each day to every area of mange to keep it in check. I fed her wholesome foods and added certain vitamins to boost the immune system. The final part of the solution was simply to be patient. As she matured, so did her immune system. The mange was gone by the time she turned eight months old.
For more information on the effects of chemicals and the immune-related disorders that may be caused by some vaccinations.





In assisting you to devise a healthy diet for your animal, I begin with the obvious and assess its physical appearance to determine what changes may be needed. In cases that are less obvious, I may receive suggestions through communication with your animal or by focusing on its malady during meditation.

The physical body needs to be taken care of and given the best food possible. As the food is digested and broken down, the molecules maintain their vibration and the food gets processed into energy that circulates and feeds the cells of the body. Foods made with sub-grade ingredients, such as proteins obtained from infected or suffering animals, carry the low-frequency vibration of disease and illness.

Every animal is unique in its dietary requirements. I can assist you in making the best choices possible and advise you on fine-tuning your animal’s diet over time as its needs change.

Bagged foods for dogs and cats offer the largest selection and greatest challenge in trying to find the best choice. You can improve upon these by adding living foods, such as finely processed vegetables like broccoli and carrots, or pieces of beef or hard-boiled eggs.

Raw diets are wonderful, but you must enlist the advice of an animal nutritionist in order to determine the proper percentage of protein, carbohydrates and fats for balanced nutrition.

As a rule of thumb, feed your animal good, nutritious foods made with human-grade ingredients and free of artificial preservatives such as BHA and BHT. Adding a daily multivitamin with plenty of Vitamin C also is recommended.

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