I HAVE A DREAM that every dog born will have a forever home where it will be loved and cared for its entire life.  I envision that the deaths of millions of homeless companion animals that take place every year will cease.  Right now, this is only a dream, but it can be real if enough people choose to share this dream with me.

Once people become more educated about the responsibility of animal ownership, fewer dogs will have to suffer abuse, neglect and untimely deaths.  For this change to take place, we must increase awareness of:

  • the importance of adopting a dog from a reputable breeder rather than sub-standard breeders or pet shops,
  • the need for being a responsible owner and the consequences of irresponsible ownership, and
  • gentle, effective means of raising a lifelong canine companion.

Every animal on this planet, including you and me, possesses a physical, mental and spiritual essence that connects and likens us to each other. Thus every living being deserves to be treated with the same respect we give our fellow human beings. With regard to our canine companions, a great benefit can be derived from this understanding because when we acknowledge that dogs have their own thoughts, feelings and emotions, our ability to communicate with them improves immensely.

The Goal: is to help you learn your puppy’s language so you can easily and joyfully teach it what it needs to know about living in a human household. We want you to understand how undesirable behaviors are inadvertently taught to young puppies so that you can raise a dog that is a confident, trustworthy companion and family member. We also want you to understand your dog’s definition of stress so that you can raise your puppy stress-free, thereby making both your lives much more enjoyable.

The Focus: is on teaching you techniques to apply from the first day your puppy arrives in your home.  Puppies begin learning about their world from the age of three weeks and this is when they are most impressionable, learning behaviors that can last a lifetime. We can help to ensure those behaviors are positive behaviors.

The Methods: are natural techniques such as a mother dog would use with her own puppies. Utilizing a regimen of proper nutrition, healthcare, canine behavior and a touch of intuitive guidance, we acknowledge each puppy’s individual personality in conjunction with its breed instincts and drives.

Ours is a different approach to puppy rearing than anything you may have encountered before.  Rather than focus on teaching commands, we show you how to build a relationship with your puppy and create a pathway for communication. Just like every stable structure requires a solid foundation, raising a confident, trustworthy canine companion requires the proper groundwork.   We would like to share with you how to lay this groundwork with your puppy from the moment you bring it home.

puppwiseIf you are interested in learning a different approach to living and communicating with dogs, please feel free to contact me to schedule a coaching session. You may also purchase my book Puppy Wise.

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