Breed your dog ONLY IF it meets ALL of the following criteria:

  • You acquired the dog from a reputable breeder.
  • You obtained a three to five generation pedigree with your dog.
  • There are at least four titled dogs in the last three generations (conformation, obedience, tracking, field, etc)
  • Your dog has a stable temperament.
  • The dog meets/exceeds the breed standard.
  • Your dog is healthy and certified (OFA-CERF) free of genetic diseases common to its breed.
  • You have pre-arranged loving, forever homes for each puppy born.

Do NOT breed your dog if you got it from a pet shop or an animal shelter. Breeding should be done to IMPROVE the health, temperament and overall quality of the breed. If you are not active in showing or working (field trials) your dog, think about your reasons for breeding. NEVER BREED OUT OF GREED–caring for a pregnant female and raising a litter of puppies is expensive. Never breed just because you want a puppy from your dog–every dog is a unique individual; you will never reproduce a clone of your adult dog. Never breed because you want your children to witness the “miracle of life”–it is unlikely your pregnant dog will deliver on a viewing schedule; and she will want to deliver in quiet seclusion. Be a responsible owner and prevent unintentional matings. If necessary, spay/neuter is recommended by eight months of age–prior to your dog becoming reproductively mature.

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